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Fast 24 bit binary to 8 digit packed BCD conversion
This routine can be extended to any length. It does not use divide routines but shifts the bit pattern one bit at a time while converting the result to BCD nibbles. This code example is optimized for the 8051 but does not use any special decimal arithmetic instructions. The algorithm is completely documented and can be ported to other micros.
Free to use if the author names are kept in the source code.


C sources

Data logger using Radio Shack meter
This is the zipped source code for a data logger which logs temperatures from a Radio Shack meter with serial interface. To be compiled and run under MSDOS or later...
All rights reserved, not for commercial purposes, etc. Contact the author Mike Mccarty if you want to use it for commercial purposes and he can maybe work something out. Licensed for use for non-commercial educational purposes at no charge. Any derived works are his intellectual property.

Hardware snippets


ISP & JTAG connectors
A short overview of JTAG connections for AVR and ARM.

Wiggler for ARM - circuit diagram
A working JTAG Wiggler, compatible with the OCDemon software.

        ARIUM ML4100   Logic Analyzer

I'm searching for the diagrams of the analyzer, the 32-input and the 8085/8031 pod!

ML4100_Operating_Manual_Jun_2_1986.pdf  (3.3 MB)
The operating manual for the Arium ML4100 Logic Analyzer.

ML4100_PM8863_manual.pdf  (9.6MB)
The operating manual for the Philips PM3632, a rebranded ML4100.

ML4100_Pods_and_Options_Diagrams.pdf  (4.5 MB)
The diagrams for the ROMEMU, Z80 and (partly) the 32-input PODs.
The diagrams for the DISAROM, RS232, SETUP/DATA and VIDEO option boards.

ROM Type Location Used for
M4P00-L 27128 CPU, U121 Basic system software
M4P01-L 2764 CPU, U113 Basic system software
M4C00-N 27128 CPU, U121 ? Basic system software (with RS232)
M4C01-N 27128 CPU, U113 ? Basic system software (with RS232)
MCH01-B 2732 CPU, U111 Character generator
MSM00-x ? SETUP, U? Setup memory
MAB00-x 27256 SETUP, U? Setup and Data memory
MRE00-H 27128 ROMEMU ROM Emulation unit & RS232
MIN00-F 2764 ROMS Disassembly for 8085/35/39/40/31/32
M6800-x ? ROMS Disassembly for 6800/02/08
M6900-x ? ROMS Disassembly for 6809/09E
M6500-x ? ROMS Disassembly for 6502/12/C02/C102/C112
2764 ROMS Disassembly for Z80/80A/80B/80C
M8N00-x ? ROMS Disassembly for NSC800
MT600-A 2764 ROMS Trigger for 16 bit microprocessors
M6K00-B 27128 ROMS Disassembly for 68000/68010
M8600-A 27128 ROMS Disassembly for 8086/8088
8RS-232 2764 ? Disassembly for RS232